Submissions are constantly being checked, if affiliation information is filled incorrectly, the payer is subject to the corresponding additional fees or may lose their spot entirely.

50 free tickets are available to graduating students on a first-come first-serve basis. Free grad tickets are not available online, they can only be collected at the Master's Office, BC 207.


Please download this waiver, fill it out and hand it to the Master's Office BC 207 when possible.


1.     Limited tickets available  

2.     Debit/ credit only

3.     NO refunds at any time. Transfer of tickets can be made only during ticket sales and both subjects must be present when transferring. Transferring is only available in the BCC office.

4.     Non-Bethune/ Non- York must be sponsored by a Bethune student.

5.     Bethune students may purchase tickets for one other person, regardless of whether they are present or not. Non-bethune and non-york need to purchase with Bethune student present or with their information (student number, phone number etc..) in order to sponsor.

6.     Everyone must sign a waiver, no exceptions

7.     Seating will be 8 people per table, you should begin to have an idea of who you want to sit with.  

8.     Other college alumni count as non-york