Election season is upon us, and it is time for the council for the next school year to be chosen. Many of your peers have been nominated for a number of positions on council! It is now your opportunity to vote which of those you believe can make the biggest contribution to our college under their title!

Executive Vice-President

Liliana Jato

As a current First Year Rep, I believe that This position would be the next step for me. I now understand council and the activities that run in Bethune College and believe I can do a great job as an Executive Vice President. I believe this will help me build on the leadership, teamwork and organization skills I already possess.

Syed Mehdi

Being in a program that focuses on management operations I will bring in knowledge that will help BCC operate more efficiently in terms of internal operations. I want to streamline the process of hiring monitors for student common spaces (JACS & JCR) so that they can start their duties by the end of September.

VP Athletics

Kristine Del Rosario

I want to run for the position of Vice President of Athletics because I believe I am capable of fulfilling all of the responsibilities of this position. Being an executive member of Bethune Athletics Committee, I have witnessed first hand what it takes to be Vice President of Athletics. As chair of BAC, I will be able to collaborate with different colleges at York as well as the Student Intramural Recreation Council to develop the intramural program. I believe that the intramural program is detrimental in building up the community at York and I want to be able to introduce the program to incoming students as well as current students who are unfamiliar to intramurals. Intramurals gives students the opportunity to meet new people and establish relationships as well as an outlet to relieve stress and I would like to facilitate that.

Wedad Shah

If Michael Jordan and Lionel Messi and Wayne Gretzky did a 3 way fusion they would create me.................. Let that sink in............ I will bring Bethune athletics to an all time high. If I am elected students and even council members of other colleges will be begging to play for Bethune. I will take mentoring from the greats; Sujeevan and Kamran. I think sports are an integral part of university life. Its where we let loose have fun and meet new people. I know many people who find out about intramural sports 3rd or 4th year of university and think wow i wish i had known earlier. I want to help spread the word and get everyone playing and taking advantage of intramural sports. I am also heavily affiliated with Bethune and want to represent my college against the other colleges in the run for the torch. I also play and excel in every sport possible.

Director of Clubs and Affiliates

Eugene Lander

I want to provide a professional relationship between the college and the clubs affiliated with Bethune. I feel like I would be a perfect medium and connection that will allow a successful connection between the 2 aspects of the college. I can provide years of experience at Bethune and bring outside knowledge from work and volunteering to further smooth the relationship. I feel like Bethune needs someone who knows that they are doing, and I can be that person.

Syed Naqvi

As I deeply respect all the clubs and their motives I will try my best to give each and every one of them a fair chance no matter how big or small they are. Make sure they get the funding they deserve and that their mandatory requirements are met. Help new and emerging clubs at Bethune, even if its as small as setting up a booth or booking a venue for an event. Make all the clubs even more approachable to the Bethune college students. Finally consider all requests made by any Bethune affiliated group and make sure that the council hears all the requests made by the affiliated club so they're given a fair chance.

Adam Retsinas

I would like to run for Director of Clubs and Affiliates as I feel that I would be a great candidate to organize meetings with clubs affiliated with Bethune College and liaise between the BCC and clubs

General Member

Saleh Ahmed

Being a part of something innovative and inspirational would be anyone's dream. I believe i have the potential to make a change for Bethune and all those students affiliated with Bethune. Getting selected for this position would enable me do work for the upcoming students and make their lives a lot more entertaining and academically successful.

Ahmad Ali

I'm running for the General Member position because I would like to be more involved in the Bethune community. I believe I can make a difference by incorporating some of my knowledge and skills in Council events and activities. This position will not only help me gain new experience but also expand my network.

Emily Lioktsis

I want to run for this position because I want to have an active hand in the events run at Bethune. My goal is to make the year as fun and enjoyable as possible for all students!

Ivana Murray

I would like to become a General Member for Bethune Council because during my entire first year I spend most of my time surrounded by the Bethune community. This position is a great opportunity for me to learn and give back to our students that accepted and supported me. It will also help me improve my leadership skills and  organizational skills, that will later help me in my academic and professional carrier.

Sarah Pecile

This past year Bethune College has made such a positive impact on my university experience. Getting involved in Orientation Week and Bethune Athletics gave me the opportunity to meet so many great people, many of which I now consider my closest friends (really my second family). I want to be a part of council to implement events which will promote involvement in the Bethune community and extend the sense of belonging I've experienced to other students. I am passionate about getting people involved. I am not exaggerating when I say that Bethune has changed my life! As a member of council,  I will dedicate my time and effort to increase the quality of university life for all students and hopefully in this process, facilitate the making of life-long memories and friendships.

Kogulraam Pirabaharan

I want to get involved in my college. Help organize the social events.

Erica Shligold

Currently I am a General Member on Bethune College Council. I would like to apply for the position of General Member again this upcoming school year. Throughout my time at York University, I took on many leadership roles. I am very involved in extracurricular activities on campus, especially in Bethune College- I am an elected member on Bethune College Council and Science Student Caucus, as well as I currently volunteer in two programs of SOS; class representatives and student ambassadors. I am very familiar as to how Bethune College Council runs due to the fact that last school year I was a First Year Representative and this school year I am a General Member. Being a part of Bethune College Council allowed me to develop my leadership skills, represent the interests of all students of Bethune, and promote Bethune College Council events. I enjoy being a part of student life on campus; by doing so I have interacted with many students and voiced their concerns. In addition, I learned how to manage my time effectively with studying and volunteering. Last summer, I was a frosh leader during Dragon Week 2015 and I have volunteered at Science Academic Orientation where I was a positive role model and helped new students transition to university life. Furthermore, I have volunteered at the Ontario University Fair, Fall Campus Day, and the Spring Open House where I represented York University’s Faculty of Science. Having these experiences I learned how to deal with diverse groups of people, as well as I developed patience, the ability to listen, and find solutions in challenging situations. I strongly believe that my experience and desire to continue as a general member for the upcoming school year will make me a successful General Member of Bethune College Council.

Talha Tanweer

Being a first year student at York I want to attain an influential position so that I could be able to help my fellows with any possible manner. I intend for all the students specially those affiliated with Bethune to have a good ,joyful college life along with their studies. This position would enable me to do so as I would be elected to be the part of the team which would bring a good change to students' life by organizing lively events.

Shyamaly Vasuthevan

I want to run for General Member because I believe that my previous experience on council as well as my drive to make Bethune the best it can be for all of its students makes me a suitable candidate.

Hannah Villa

What I find most admirable about Bethune College is how despite the differences between individuals, it is still a very inclusive place to be and that there remains a bond between the "dragons" of Bethune College despite these differences. I am pursuing to be a General Member on the council to aid in continuing of the current programs that maintain this bond and to introduce events that will also help students affiliated in the college to enjoy their experience in their journey towards academic and personal successes.


Voting is completely online through, simply login with your York ID and password, and proceed with the instructions provided. Voting opens on Tuesday, March 15th at 9:00AM and closes on Thursday, March 17 at 4:00PM. Do not open links not from this page, unauthorized websites that ask for your York ID and password could make you vulnerable to phishing or scamming.


A Student who wishes to be nominated and run for a position in this election must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a regular and student member of the Bethune Community.
  • Full-time status in FW16: Taking at least 3 full courses or equivalent (18.0 credits – 9 per term) and retaining this status throughout the Academic Year.
  • Qualifications for each position is listed below:
    1. President – Must have been a BCC Executive for at least one-year prior. (Exception: if no current or past executive wishes to run any non-executive member who has been on BCC for at least a year may run.)
    2. Executive Vice President – Must have been a BCC Member for at least one-year prior.
    3. Vice President External – Open to all Bethune students.
    4. Vice President Athletics – Must have been a member of BAC (Bethune Athletic Committee) for at least one-year prior
    5. Director of Clubs and Affiliates – Open to all Bethune students.
    6. SOS Executive/Representative – Must have served on SOS for at least one-year prior. Must be a member of the SOS Executive.
    7. Lexicon Chief Editorial Officer – Open to all Bethune students
    8. General Member – Open to all Bethune students.

A student who has been nominated, and who wishes to withdraw from being a candidate shall withdraw by written or e-mail submission to the CRO (dropped off in the Bethune Master’s office or by e-mail to ???) no later than three (3) working days before the commencement of the voting period.

The Campaigning Period COMMENCES as of Monday, March 7th  at 9 am. The use of any campaigning materials (posters, Facebook groups, Tweets) MAY NOT be sent out before such time and date. Failure to comply will result in a penalization as deemed by the Bethune College Council and CRO.

Posters may be posted around campus and must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Posters may only be posted on cement or brick walls, or on Posting Boards.
  • Posters MAY NOT be posted on any drywall or glass surfaces.
  • Posters posted in BETHUNE COLLEGE may ONLY be posted on Posting Boards and nowhere else.
  • Posters MAY NOT be posted in the Bethune College Council Office space.
  • Candidates may not utilize any Bethune College Council or Bethune Master’s Office materials.
  • Failure to follow the aforementioned will result in a penalization as deemed by the Bethune College Council and CRO.
  • Posters deemed tasteless or degrading to other candidates will result in a penalization as deemed by the Bethune College Council and CRO.
  • Posters being ripped down or defaced by another candidate will result in a disqualification from the election process.
  • If any candidate finds a poster infraction (whether it be on their own poster or another candidates) has a duty to inform the CRO of such infraction. A candidate may take a picture and e-mail it, along with the infraction site, to the CRO
  • Posters must be taken down by Thursday, March 17th,  at 5 pm. Failure to do so may result in a penalization as deemed by the Bethune College Council and CRO.
  • Slates and parties are not present on posters.

Campaigning methods that utilize online content (i.e. social media, e-mail, etc.) must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Facebook Groups/Events may be utilized but must not be created before Monday March 7 at 9 am.
  • Posts deemed degrading or harmful toward other candidates or toward the BCC will result in a penalization as deemed by the Bethune College Council and CRO
  • Posts deemed degrading or harmful by students affiliated with a candidate toward another candidate or toward the BCC will result in a penalization as deemed by the Bethune College Council and CRO
  • The use of e-mails sent out using York Sanctioned, Bethune Registered or CNS registered listserv is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in a disqualification from the election process
  • Posts may not be posted in Bethune Affiliated Facebook groups. This includes the following groups and groups affiliated with: Bethune Athletics, Bethune College Council, Bethune Dragon Week and Bethune Residence. Failure to comply will result in a penalization as deemed by the Bethune College Council and CRO
  • Posts may not be posted from any Bethune Affiliated Twitter accounts unless it is a general tweet about the elections as a whole. This includes the following twitter handles: @BethuneCollege, @DragonWeek12, @BethuneAthletes as well as any other Bethune Affiliated Accounts. Failure to comply will result in a penalization as deemed by the Bethune College Council and CRO
  • Slates and parties are strictly banned.

Use of Laptops will be not permitted during the Voting Period. The voter must submit the ballot by him or herself. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification from the election process.

Class announcements are permitted, however you must have approval to speak in front of a class by the professor beforehand to make such announcements.

Failure to abide by the aforementioned rules, or any suggestions or concerns made by the CRO during the nomination period, campaigning period and voting period will result in a penalization or disqualification of the candidate as deemed by the Bethune College Council and CRO.


The E-Ballot will have the position and the name of the nominated candidates. Electors may vote through the E-Vote system 24 hours a day from the time the Voting Period begins until the time the Voting Period ends.

For more information concerning E-Vote and York University guidelines for campaigning, please visit


In the case that there is only one candidate for a position, the candidate shall be declared as elected. In the case where there are multiple positions and the number of nominees equals the exact number of positions, those candidates shall be declared as elected.

In the case that there are no candidates, the position will remain vacant throughout the summer until the Fall Elections to be held in the Fall Term of the next Academic Year.

Following the close of nominations, the list of positions and nominated candidates shall be posted within 48 hours on the Bethune College Council website and be sent out by the Master of Bethune College through the Bethune Listserv. This information will include those who have been nominated for candidacy and those who have been acclaimed.