• Montreal, QC
  • Canada

Bethune is heading to Montreal October 28th-30th (York co-curricular days)!!!! We will be traveling by coach bus and will be staying at Le Gouverneur Hotel. On Friday night, we will be going to Musique Nightclub and on Saturday night, we will be going to Jet Nightclub (clubs are 18+ only).
A detailed itinerary of the trip will be provided with your purchase of a ticket.

Ticket Sales: 
Begin on Monday, October 3rd and end Friday, October 14th. Tickets can be purchased at the Master's Office, BC 207. Office hours are 9am-12pm, and 2-4pm. First come, first serve, maximum one ticket per student. Debit or credit only. TICKETS ARE NON- REFUNDABLE – You can transfer tickets to another student through the Master's Office up until Oct. 14. 
*Prices include accommodations, transportation, and club entry for both nights. Bring money for food and other expenses!
*One person in your room will be responsible for putting down a $50 deposit on the whole room. This will be returned provided the room is not damaged. 

$110 for Bethune Students
$130 for Non-Bethune Students*
$160 for Non-York Persons*

Non-Bethune and non-York students must be sponsored by a Bethune student (know a Bethune student who is attending the trip). Each Bethune student can only sponsor 1 other student. 

- Meet at Bethune JCR at 8:00am on Oct. 28th
- We will be returning at approximately 6:00pm on Oct. 30th
- 4 people per room. To request your roommates, please email bccsoc@yorku.ca by Oct. 15 (please include full names that match the name they paid with). After this date you will be assigned to rooms at random.